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Thank you for creating this study. Grateful... Beyond Grateful....

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I totally believe Narc abuse causes PTSD and a whole host of horrible problems. It’s literally the worst thing that I ever went through in my 55 years. I am healed now but it took a few years. I believe they are real live demons. Nobody could cause that kind of pain and enjoy if if not evil.

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I wish I was in that study; I think I might have some additional helpful evidence & info directly from the biological Narcissist I married, which can be categorized as an "unofficial" 30-year Case Study w. evidence that verifies so much of the research. I almost got the Narc to undergo a SPECT brain scan w. the Amen Clinic for character disorder but the psychiatrists weren't able to talk him into going under the scanner. Feel free to contact me because the Narc is getting older (65) & is open to participating in research, along with myself & our only child/son/now 23 yrs old. All the physical & mental/emotional effects/damages to my health are there too...

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You saved my life and mind. I found your book, "Power...", in the Coffee County, Tn. Jail, where I was held without bond for over a year on charges that my wife at the time (the marriage lasted 18 years, was officially annulled on Valentine's Day, 2020. It took incarceration convince me to follow through with a divorce. I found out stories upon stories from guys in the jail who "knew" her. Wow!... and I found your book.) had concocted and sold to my resting officer with whom she was having an affair.

It gets down to ugly politics and one hell of a mouth in newspaper editor he didn't like the cops in town. My wife put two and two together and, presto. One of the first things I did when I arrived in jail - besides pray, and shit my pants, was to read, ironically (it just fell in my lap because there are no accidents in the universe), the book "Gone Girl". Yeah. Then about 6 months later I found your book. I didn't even check it out. Some other guy had it and I saw the cover and I said, "I need that book". And I read it in a day; studied it like a scholar. I am educated and had the opportunities to be able to learn how to study like that.

I just want to say that I'm so grateful for you. Every page and every chapter was like, "Oh my God! That was 18 years with her; that was 18 years with her....oh my god that's what it was". I finally had a language to understand the freaking crazy making in my head The team about from living with a malignant narcissist and thinking it was all normal.

Thank you. Please, and I'm not joking, I would really appreciate some type of audience with you - even if it's a direct email. I have things to ask you; things say; perspective.

I know there are processes and protocols, and you don't know me from Adam's goose. I could be one of those narcissistic psychos. I get it. Just tell me any way That works for you that I can actually speak to you.. My email: chipramseymusic@gmail.com.

Thanks so much in advance, Shahida.

- God bless

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