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Feb 23, 2023·edited Feb 23, 2023

Please tell me how I can help with any future research as a potential subject (both myself and/or the Narcissist/"spouse" -- who is actually willing to participate with the promise of anonymity when needed). I was able to get him to consult with the Amen Clinic to undergo a SPECT Brain Scan, though the psychiatrists were unable to convince him to go under the scanner, which requires a specific type of contrast dye. I've got 30 years of extensive & varied physical evidence in this "unofficial case study" -- (documentation; videos; audios; handwritten letters; clothing; 3rd party mandated reporters; witnesses; co-workers & supervisors; 30+ different licensed mental health professionals) that supports the research about the Narcissist along with the serious damages (Complex PTSD, health issues, cognitive decline, loss of finances/careers, etc.) that have seriously impacted my & our son's physical & mental health. I also found forensic evidence of his past family "trauma issues" such as abandonment issues; attachment disorder issues, and other much "darker" family issues, which also aligns with the research... I'm also a family-caretaker to a paranoid schizophrenic sibling for the last 30 yrs so I've been "immersed" in BOTH the psychotic disorders and the pathological character disorders (for 30 years simultaneously). I speak from experience as a the "Real First Responder" to psychiatric emergencies/life & death crisis since police are the actual "Second Responders" during crisis: It's "relatively easier" to deal with a fully psychotic man than it is to deal with a psychopathic one because there are mental health laws; rules of hospitalizations; specialists; medications; peer support/counseling & usually an extensive documented history of the illness over a life span for psychotic disorders... It's next to impossible to deal with a pathological person with a character disorder: there are no rules/laws in society; no medications; no help; no hope, except for the research professionals. (PS I tried many times to escape this nightmare but the Narcissist & life circumstances blocked each escape attempt over a 30 year span...). Since my life was destroyed by this "person" at least I can make my life mean something if I can help further the research. Thank you for all you & all the other research psychologists do to learn about this disorder.

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